These lucky rescue dogs from Israel were given a second chance at life! At Dog Tales, the team described their job as extremely rewarding. They get to rescue dogs and make them look and feel good as new! Let’s take a look at their amazing and heartwarming transformations.

First is Leon, a 7-year-old Pyrenees mix, who arrived at the shelter with 10 other rescue dogs from Israel. When he arrived, his long, thick coat was matted and in serious need of help. As you can see from the video, Leon is extremely laid back and calm while being cleaned and groomed for adoption! As a rescue dog that has most likely never been groomed before, his calm behavior is rare and very special.

Up next is Pierre, another rescue dog from Israel. He is a 2-year-old Saluki, which is one of the oldest known breeds of dog. They are also known as the royal dog of Egypt! They are incredibly agile and can run up to 25 miles per hour! Pierre was lucky enough to be rescued by Dog Tales and was recently adopted!

Last but not least, Dog Tales rescued an 18-month-old Saluki named Scotch from Israel. If you’re considering adopting a Saluki, just know that they have a need for speed and require more than just a walk around the block.

To support Dog Tales in helping more dogs like Leon, Pierre, and Scotch, you can donate here.

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