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As humans continue to consume meat every meal, factory farms cram more and more malnourished birds and mammals into cages and fill them up with unsafe levels of hormones and medicines to keep turning profit. Not only is this the cause of extreme amounts of animal suffering, but it’s also making meat eaters very sick.

A group of activists released an undercover video of conditions in a factory farm that would make most people sick to their stomach and then undercover investigators released some particularly disturbing footage of Turkeys at Avara Foods. In the video, the turkeys are kept in a dark, windowless shed. Most have lost feathers and body parts to disease, and several of the birds appeared so crippled by illness and lack of exercise they were unable to walk.

According to the group responsible for the footage, the birds would have been relegated to living inside a dirty shed between two to seven months before being slaughtered. It’s hard to ignore the suffering of these animals, but it should be impossible for any meat eater to see these conditions and not be concerned for their own well-being. Every toxin and disease pumping through the muscles of these turkeys will inevitably end up in the bodies of the humans eating them. For reference, Avara Foods is one of the largest turkey manufactures in Britain, selling over 100 million birds each year.

The footage is as disturbing as it is unsurprising. As long as humans continue to demand meat at the volume we demand it, these conditions will never go away. They may get better at hiding, but exposes like this one only serve to highlight a much bigger problem. If humans behave like carnivores, our bodies, the planet, and the animals we share the planet with will continue to degrade. Reducing our reliance on meat through education and access is one of the biggest ways humans can better our species.

Your Own Plant-Based Protein! 

Of course, you can make your own meaty turkey treats right in the comfort of your own home! Check out these recipes, courtesy of the Food Monster App.

Turkey Roll With Stuffing

Vegan turkey roll with stuffing

Source: Turkey Roll With Stuffing

If meatless holidays have you wishing for a centerpiece dish to carve and serve, look no further. This delectable Turkey Roll With Stuffing from Plant-Based Meats is stuffed with herbed bread and walnuts and is great with a mushroom gravy to ladle over the roast, mashed potatoes, and any other sides you serve. This recipe used a four-cup oval cheesecake pan bought from the Internet for the photo, but you can bake yours in a standard loaf pan. You’ll need to make a bain marie to bake the roast, by placing the pan holding your roast inside of a larger pan and filling the larger pan with hot water to reach 2/3 of the way up the sides of the roast pan. That keeps the “turkey” moist.

Stuffed Seitan Roast

Stuffed Seitan Roast

Source: Stuffed Seitan Roast

Just because it’s vegan it doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste amazing! Josephine Watmore‘s Stuffed Seitan Roast can be made in the morning and left to cool before things get too hectic during the holidays. Then just slice off the portions you need for dinner and reheat for 10 minutes until hot all the way through just before serving. This way, it frees up space in the oven and makes preparing dinner more relaxed and less overwhelming!

Seitan Parmesan

Seitan Parmesan

Source: Seitan Parmesan

Meat-free chicken parm? Yes, please! Melanie Sorrentino‘s Seitan Parmesan tastes just like the old classic, right down to the savory flavor and meaty texture. Serve it on top of your favorite pasta, tomato sauce, and plenty of melty vegan cheese.

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