A trainer in New Zealand is in trouble after feeding racing greyhounds meth in order to improve their performance, Golf Digest reports. The trainer was disqualified after panelists found out about the drug abuse, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Trainer Angela Helen Turnwald received $4,000 after her dog finished first at the racing track in November 2020.

Judicial Control Authority for Racing (JCA) panel chairman Warwick Gendall QC said of the incident, “Methamphetamine is a potent central nervous system stimulant which poses significant animal welfare issues and the level of Amphetamine (as it metabolised from Methamphetamine) in the sample was particularly large.”

The trainer was disqualified for four months and forced to pay a fine. Animal rights group SAFE spoke out about the incident, “Giving a dog methamphetamine to improve their race performance is depraved, it’s abhorrent. It’s a reality in greyhound racing in New Zealand at the moment.” said SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe.

300 dogs have been injured since January in racing. Appelbe shared, “The government’s review is promising, but every day that dogs are raced, the risk of painful injury is high and death is never far away. To protect dogs, the Minister should immediately halt racing until the review is complete.”

Source: Animals Australia/YouTube

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