It is no secret that we think that the natural world is made 100 times more breath taking thanks to the presence of wildlife. Healthy animals populations are a clear sign that an ecosystem is thriving … and really, what’s more beautiful than that?

Photographer Paul Souders understands our love for wildlife completely. Souders has worked as an award-winning wildlife photographer for over 30 years and his work is nothing short of remarkable.


In his latest series, Souders set off to Chobe National Park in Botswana to photograph the animals who live freely there out in the wild. To capture the movement and curiosity of the variety of wildlife found in the park, Souders utilized a drone for his project. Just check out the shots he was able to capture …

Souders explains to Daily Mail UK, that he came to wildlife photography by accident. Now, he travels all across the world to capture pictures of animals.


Using a drone allows Souders to capture the breadth of an entire landscape. Here the elephants look small compared to their surroundings.


Getting wild animals to be comfortable around humans can be difficult, but the drone allows the camera to get up close and personal with wildlife – without the added stress.



Now this is how all humans should experience wildlife. Out in the wild, free to express themselves.


You can almost hear the thunder of this stampede of wildebeests. 


We wonder if this elephant is asking the drone if he’s got something stuck in his tusks.


How graceful are these grazing antelopes?



The Animal Kingdom at its finest.


If this shot is not the definition of stunning … we don’t know what is.