The wonderful story of Tooney and Sully starts with Hope For Paws getting a call about two homeless dogs who were living under an abandoned school building.

When the rescue team arrived at the spot, they found a Pit Bull peeking out from under the stairs – one, as it soon became obvious, who was also pregnant. The mama-to-be was hiding with another dog under the building. They were both scared and hesitant to trust the newcomers, but hunger drove them out of their hiding place when the rescuers encouraged them with some food. Lured by the treats, the dogs followed them cautiously. When her companion was caught in a trap, the Pit Bull became overwhelmed and returned to her hideout – but, in the end, was rescued as well and both pups were taken to a hospital.

The dogs survived in their makeshift home for many months by scavenging in a nearby park. Now, they have a much brighter future ahead of them. Sully found a forever home, and now Tooney gave birth to a healthy litter of pups, who found loving families.

To learn more about Hope For Paws and adopt dogs like Tooney and her puppies, click here.

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