We always love to hear a great rags-to-riches story, and that includes those about adopted dogs! Faith Easdale of Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue is providing such a story today, so sit back and get comfortable!

Three little bundles of fluff were found burrowed in a tire for shelter in the middle of nowhere, and the rescuers from Dream Fetchers have no idea how long they might have been alone for.


These three dogs cuddled together for comfort having no one else to care for them. Can you imagine this being the only home and shelter you have ever known?

When these three dogs were picked up, they were in a very sorry state, and rightfully looked very sorry for themselves.

The dogs were dehydrated and weak and needed to be rushed to a veterinary hospital.

At the hospital, they received fluids and medical help. A checkup revealed they all had ticks and fleas. Possibly even more heartbreaking was seeing that the two ladies of the group showed evidence of having recently nursed pups.

But we promised you rags-to-riches stories instead of a sad one, and we will not disappoint! After a few weeks of TLC and time to recover from their ordeal, these three beautiful dogs found new homes. The little boy, who staff were most concerned about, was renamed Michelin. Look how well he scrubs up!

And look at him now, in the arms of his new mom in a home full of all the love and cuddles he deserves!


As for the two ladies, they really have done well for themselves.

These two lucky girls have found their new forever home in a mansion with a woman who cannot pamper them enough! We wish you all well, and we hope to hear more stories like yours!


We are so happy to be able to bring you this story, but it is, unfortunately, an exceptional one. 6.5 million dogs and cats enter America’s shelters every single year, and there are around 200 million stray animals having to fend for themselves worldwide. It is essential that we make adopting animals the norm instead of buying them from stores. These animals have so much love to give and are so deserving of all the love and affection they have so far been denied in their lives.


Dream Fetchers is dedicated to saving dogs from shelters and the streets and finding them the loving forever homes that they so deserve. If you are considering an addition to your family, please consider adopting, and get in touch.

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All Image Source: Faith Easdale/Dream Fetchers