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Pet homelessness is something of a global epidemic, with more than 200 million animals without a home across the world.

The ASPCA estimates that around 6.5 million pets enter shelters across America each year. And though the adoption of pets is on the increase with so much more awareness of the joy adopted pets can bring to our lives, 1.5 million of those pets are still euthanized annually.

The growing number of stray dogs in America is due to all sorts of issues, from poverty, changes in finances and living situations, to abandonment when a pet becomes too difficult or old to care for. The fact remains that once a pet is turned out on to the streets, its average lifespan is reduced to only one to two years, and that is if the animal is lucky enough to find food and shelter, and avoid injury or disease.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis is one of the many non-profits around the country that aims to make sure no stray is euthanized just because they have been abandoned, abused, or neglected. They have a happy story to share about Emma Lucille, who is one of the lucky ones to escape the fate of so many dogs in our shelters. When this lovely little girl was rescued, she had patches of hair loss thought to be due to malnutrition. 


After a little care and love, Emma Lucille has now found a loving forever home to start her life over. This sweet girl is exceptionally lucky in finding a new home and avoiding being euthanized since she is a Pit-mix. Pit Bulls and related breeds have a much higher kill rate in shelters than other dogs, and those who are kept alive spend more than three times longer than other breeds waiting to be adopted.




Adopted dogs have so much to offer. They break our hearts when they come into shelters and we hear their stories, but seeing them thrive and all the love they have to give their new families when they are adopted makes it all worth it.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis works tirelessly to help rescue homeless animals and find them homes in which to live the lives they are meant to. If you are considering adopting or are able to help them keep up this incredible work, please get in touch.

Image Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis