Second Chance Rescue is calling on would-be adopters to save this beautiful little girl from being put down.

Denali has been in a high-kill rural animal shelter for more than a week now. A volunteer there couldn’t bear the thought of Denali being euthanized and has done her best to keep the pup hidden and away from the top of the kill list. She recently contacted Second Chance Rescue to spread the word about Denali’s plight to get the sweet dog out of harm’s way.


Image Source: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

Denali is “beginner” rated, meaning anyone with a little love and affection would be an ideal candidate to give her a new home. She is good with both cats and dogs, so she will fit right in with any pets you already have. Her foot needs medical attention, and she is heartworm-positive, but Denali is a sweet-natured, loving little girl who deserves a second chance.

Second Chance Rescue is asking for help with medical sponsorship to help with the painful wound on her foot. They are also calling for anyone who is interested in either adopting Denali, or fostering her temporarily, to come forward immediately


With all the abandoned dogs there are in the world totaling more than 200 million, and more than 3.3 million entering shelters each year across America alone, adopting your next pet rather than buying one makes sense not only for meeting your next companion, but also to save one of these poor defenseless animals from an untimely death.

Adopted dogs may need a little more love and attention than a pet raised from being a puppy, and as with any animal we bring into our homes, there are numerous things we need to consider before offering a forever home. But it is impossible not to fall in love with the stories we hear of adopted dogs finding new families that will love and care for them as they should be. Dogs like the beautiful Denali deserve that second chance for a better life, and we thank the volunteer at the kill shelter for helping keep Denali safe.

Second Chance Rescue is working hard to reduce animal overpopulation in shelters, rescue and rehabilitate critically-injured and neglected animals, and connect the community to services that enable animals to remain in their homes. Please consider making a donation to help them continue their crucial work, and if you are considering a new pet to welcome into your family, please get in immediate contact to help save Denali.

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