Cats can be a little hard to read at times. Sometimes they come up to you looking like they just want a nice ear scratch and then as soon as you reach to pet them they decide they’d rather attack your fingers. Part of the fun of living with a cat is trying to discern what your cat is thinking and or feeling at any given time. But for all their fickleness and mischievous tendencies, there is also a softer side to cats. Just take a look at this sweet mama cat and her kitten.

This cat mother wants nothing more than to dote on her new little fuzzy kitten. We can tell that this is one proud mama cat and she is set on giving all the love she possibly can to her baby.


Seeing these two all cozy and content in their bed is sure to bring a smile to your face. It just makes us want to give our cats a big loving hug… but of course we’ll have to run the idea by them first.

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