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Life isn’t easy for many dogs in Bulgaria. Some are born homeless, forced to spend their winters on icy pavements. Others are made to live on chains for their entire life. Many are taken in and then abandoned, left to fend for themselves on the streets. While this suffering goes unnoticed by many, others, refuse to ignore the sight of a needy dog. The Animal Friends Foundation Burgas, an animal shelter located in Burgas, Bulgaria, is one of the few organizations dedicated to providing help to animals in Bulgaria, and they refuse to be a bystander to a suffering cat or dog.

Starving Dog Found Wandering the Streets

Only a couple of months ago, workers from the Animal Friends Foundation Burgas found a skeletal dog hiding in fear in a small village close to Burgas. As soon as the dog spotted people moving towards him, he ran away.

Humans, to him, were dangerous, unpredictable, and cruel. Rescuers said that they could immediately tell that he was a nervous wreck and judging by his injuries, he had been kicked and had items thrown at him. He was fearful at first, but after crouching on the ground, whistling at him and offering him a handful of food, he eventually stopped running and moved toward them, taking a mouthful of food out of their hands, the Animal Friends team said.

His sunken body, his scars, and his painful looking eyes were all much more visible close-up. Like most animals they rescue, the workers have no clue about their backgrounds or what has happened to them, but they soon came to the conclusion that this dog had most likely been abandoned.

Bill was found scared and malnourished on the street.




‘’He had enormous claws,” the Animal Friends Foundation Burgas said. ‘’They were so long. No dog who has wandered the streets for very long would have such claws. They naturally file them on the ground. This was a dog who was mistreated and neglected and probably lived a long life on a chain on mud or something, where he couldn’t file his claws.’’

While his background remained somewhat uncertain, one thing was visibly clear. Bill, as they later named him, needed medical attention.

Rescuers bring the emaciated dog to safety.

This Starving Dog Was Close to Death Until Rescuers Stepped in and Helped!

A Long Road to Recovery

At the clinic, Bill had blood tests and other medical tests to determine the state of his health. Although he was only about five years old, rescuers said that his appearance showed he had endured suffering for much of his life. When the medical results came in of his overall health, Bill was diagnosed with anemia, severe malnutrition, and cataracts on his eyes. He would need medication, plenty of food, and care. It would be a long road to recovery, but Bill was in the right hands with Animal Friends Foundation Burgas. Due to his life on the streets and poor treatment over his four short years, Bill was discovered to be nearly deaf and is blind in one eye. Luckily, he was found just in time and will have a second chance at life thanks to his rescuers.

A Happy Ending

After lots of love and care, Bill is now happy and healthy at the Animal Friends Foundation Burgas shelter, where he currently lives. He’s already putting on weight and enjoying all the love he’s getting from the people at the shelter. He was well enough to receive his vaccinations and scheduled to be neutered so that he is ready for a new home. All he needs now is a loving and long lasting family.

Bill got the happy ending he truly deserves, but not every dog is so lucky. Many dogs and cats are suffering on the streets of Bulgaria, and they need your help.

A happy ending for Bill.


How You Can Help Dogs Like Bill

Since 2009, the Animal Friends Foundation Burgas has been rescuing and homing hundreds of cats and dogs who have been mistreated or neglected in Bulgaria. But an obstacle is standing in the way of them continuing with their mission: a lack of space.

Although the Foundation wants to rescue and take in as many animals as possible, their current facility only has a small and limited space. They receive phone calls every day, asking to rescue and home needy animals. But with more and more space being taken up with dogs that few people want to adopt, the foundation is forced to turn down the less urgent cases because they don’t have the room.

Their dream is to raise enough money to purchase a bigger property so that they can take every single animal who’s desperate for help. You can help be a part of their rescue missions by making a donation to the Foundation. You can also consider virtually adopting one of the beautiful animals at the Animal Friends Foundation Burgas.

All image source: Animal Friends Foundation Burgas