Police in Spain seized one of the largest hauls of taxidermied endangered animals in Europe. The warehouse in Valencia had over 1,000 stuffed animals like tigers, rhinos, lions, polar bears, elephants, cheetahs, lynx, and much more.

Source: JustAs it is/Youtube

They found more than 400 protected species, including some animals that have already gone extinct. The extinct scimitar oryx was found, along with the Benegal tiger, which is severely threatened. Investigators estimated that the animals were worth €29 million or more than $31.5 million.

The discovery was thanks to the nature protection teams through the Valencia police that started just in November 2021 when they first learned about the possible private collection.

The industrial warehouse in Bétera, Valencia, had all of the nearly thousand animals in a 538,000 sq ft space. The warehouse is now under investigation for smuggling and crimes against flora and fauna, said the Guardia Civil.

This was a heartbreaking discovery. These animals deserve to be out in the wild, and trophy hunting is ruthless. We do not have the right to take animals out of their natural habitats and use their bodies however we please. The exotic trophy industry is cruel, and it needs to end! Sign this petition to ask eBay to ban the sale of all wildlife trophies and improve their filters to make sure they can never appear on their site again.

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