Alright … people, you’ve got some explaining to do. I just discovered something that makes the fur on the back of my neck stand up sooo high that it looks like a mohawk – the “art” of taxidermy. Like WHAT?! Okay, so it’s bad enough that hoomans making hunting and killing animals a sport – especially in the case of large, wild, ENDANGERED animals – but they don’t stop there. No, not only do they kill animals but they PAY someone to take out all of the animals’ yucky insides (AKA VITAL ORGANS) and fill the animals skin with teddy bear stuffing so that they can mount that animal ON THE WALL.

What kind of sicko wants the head of a dead animal hanging on their wall?! That would be like if I decorated my dog bed with squirrel tails (but let’s be real – I am civilized enough to never even think of harming a tuft on a squirrel’s head!). I could go on for days ranting about this the same way I can play fetch for hours on end. But I won’t – because that would take away from this hilarious victory story that I have for you.


I recently read in the news that one punk hooman who thought it was a cool idea to taxidermy endangered species got the ultimate comeuppance when the police nabbed him. Aaron Halstead (the perp in question) is a 24-year-old from England, who – like most Millennials – can’t do anything without taking a selfie and posting it for the world to see, was running an elaborate operation in his home stuffing everything from giraffes to zebras to tigers and bears. These flagrant snaps are what led the police right to his door where they discovered a number of animals that had been bought in contravention of endangered species law.

Smart … real smart.



This little darling (I’m saying this in place of what I’d really like to call him … ahem …) was sentenced to 24 weeks of jail time – although if you ask me that is HARDLY enough. In dog years, that’s only about two years and he certainly deserves a minimum of 1,000!


Whatever Halstead’s current punishment, I sure hope that his stupid actions serve to deter others from doing something similarly idiotic. I’ve said it once and I will say it 100 times if I have to – wildlife doesn’t belong hanging on walls or really anywhere except for the wild! So kindly, hooman friends, start realizing this.

All image source: Aaron Halstead/Facebook