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Hope for Paws is an awesome animal rescue organization based in Los Angeles that is dedicated to saving homeless animals from a life of danger and despair on the streets. They have accomplished some extraordinary rescues over the years, and the rescue featured in the above video is no exception.

After other rescue attempts had failed, the Hope for Paws team set out to use their expertise to save the little sandy dog who was alone roaming the streets in a rough industrial area. The sweet girl was understandably scared and wary, making saving her all the more challenging. She was too quick for the trap they set up, so they had to resort to another method — earning her trust and then grabbing her. Please make note that this method is NOT recommended as it could cause serious injury.

Luckily, the little dog, who rescuers named Opal, calmed down after realizing they were there to help her, and after a nice bath and a lot of TLC, her gentle happy-go-lucky personality began to emerge. Opal is now living a happy life in her forever home!

If you are able, please consider making a donation to Hope for Paws so they can continue to save more abandoned homeless animals like Opal.

And please remember to share this story with your family and friends as a reminder why it is so important to adopt!

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