There is nothing like a sweet, successful animal rescue story to brighten up even the most dismal of days, and this beautiful tale comes from the Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization, Hope for Paws, which specializes in rescuing homeless animals in dire situations.

Hope for Paws responded to a call saying a possibly pregnant dog was trapped under a house. When they arrived, the dog was reluctant to exit, which led the rescuers to realize she had a litter of puppies nearby.

The litter of five adorable puppies was estimated to just be a few days old.

The animals were transported to the hospital for a check-up and, thankfully, all seemed to be healthy and well.

The mama dog, they named Gigi, really soaked up her spa treatment!

This beautiful family relaxed and cuddled together, relieved to finally have shelter and comfort.



This family of six is doing remarkably well after such a difficult beginning. To view adorable photos of the dog family six weeks after the rescue, visit here. If you are interested in adopting one or more of these beautiful dogs, you can contact the Lovejoy Foundation, where the dogs are being fostered.

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All Image Source: Eldad Hagar/Flickr