No one could have guessed that these two roommates at Dekalb Animal Services‘ shelter would become best friends. A chance pairing led to a beautiful display of friendship.

Meet Chili Pepper and Blinker, two cuddly dogs who made an unbreakable bond with one another.

Both dogs came to the shelter at different times for completely different reasons. Chili Pepper arrived back in August as a stray. Blinker, on the other hand, came to the shelter in September after being rescued by animal control officers for being tethered to a property without any available shelter.

The shelter environment, for any animal, is often incredibly scary and overwhelming. There are strange noises and strange smells 24 hours a day. Dogs can become stressed out very easily in these settings, especially since they don’t have much space to run or play.

But these two supported each other through their transition to this new place. They came from completely different lives, but when they came together you’d have thought they’d known each other since they were born.

Blinker is the more energetic of the pair whereas Chili Pepper is happy to rest, hug, and cuddle. They balance each other out perfectly as a pair.

Both dogs are about a year old and around 40 pounds. While it wasn’t required that the dogs be adopted together it would’ve been wonderful to keep these best friends together.



Unfortunately, as of this post, Blinker has been listed as “ADOPTED” while Chili Pepper still appears to be available for adoption. While it’s sad, it’s also great that Blinker is now in a loving forever home. Hopefully, Chili Pepper isn’t far behind! If you’re interested in adopting Chili Pepper, click here for more information. Make a day out of visiting him. You’re sure to fall in love.

All image source: Dekalb County Animal Services/Facebook