Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers rescued a red-tailed hawk that had been hit by a truck on the highway. The driver did the right thing and pulled over to call the CPW about the incident.

One officer said that the red-tailed hawk was hit by the truck, which was traveling at highway speed. The hawk hit the grill instead of the bumper, which is probably what saved the hawk’s life. The hawk was reported to have had a minor wing injury, which will be healed at a wildlife rehab center, where the hawk will be taken care of before being released.

This story is the perfect example of what should be done in this kind of instance as the driver’s quick thinking is most likely part of why the hawk is expected to make a full recovery. Instead of continuing to drive or taking the matter into his own hands, the driver decided to call the professionals, making sure that the hawk got the best care possible.

This is a rescue story with a happy ending as the hawk is expected to make a full recovery and be released back into the wild.

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