These Sheriff’s Deputies in Boulder, Colorado, met their match in a feathery little owl they encountered on the road one day, and never on the Internet has there ever been an owl with more attitude.

Owls are amazingly diverse creatures. While they can be very curious as babies, they get even more curious (to us humans) when they grow to be adults. Some of the most fascinating behaviors displayed by owls include living in cacti, hunting prey much larger and heavier than they are, and even eating different species of owls. Okay, no one said they were adorable all the time.

In the case of the owl that the Boulder County Sheriff’s Deputies came across, we’re sure he wasn’t intending to hunt the humans in front of him – although he clearly could’ve defended his neck of the woods if he had needed to, he had plenty of attitude to spare. You can teach us a thing or two about staring down strangers, little owl.

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