We know the incredible team at Hope for Paws for their dedication and work saving stray dogs in the Los Angeles area. With years of experience and unending compassion under their belts, the individuals from this organization embody what it means to be an animal lover entirely. We have seen them carry out dog rescues by crawling under building foundations and risk it all to save pups on the edge of mountains and highways alike.

But their most recent animal rescue story proves that this team is not just committed to helping dogs, but all animals that might need them. The Hope for Paws team recently got a call on their emergency line about a severely injured Red Tail Hawk and although birds aren’t their specialty, they set out to help anyway.

When they arrived at the scene, they found three birds, two Red Tail Hawks, and a pigeon. Unfortunately, one of the hawks and had died, but the second hawk was still holding on to life. 

Hope for Paws’ founder Eldad Hagar explains, “An injured animal can cause a lot of damage to a person who is trying to help, so extreme caution is always necessary. When the hawk turned around to bite, I quickly ran to my car and got a pair of gloves.”

The poor hawk was very stressed and afraid of his rescuers, putting up quite the fight. But thanks to patience and persistence, Eldad managed to get the bird into his car.

How this bird was injured remained a mystery, but once at the California Wildlife Center, it was discovered that the hawk and two other birds had likely been electrocuted by a powerline.

Tragically, the vets determined that the bird’s legs had been completely burnt through and would need to be amputated to save the bird. Unfortunately, it is near impossible for a bird to live without the use of their legs, so they had to put the hawk down. 



Although this story has a sad ending, it shows the amazing lengths that these rescuers were willing to go to in order to help an animal in need. We can all stand to learn a lesson in compassion from this rescue team and follow their commitment to lend a hand, no matter what type of animal or circumstance. Remember, if you ever come across an injured wild animal, it is always best to contact a professional before stepping in, click here for a list of hotlines that could help.

To learn more about Hope for Paws, click here.

All image source: Eldad Hagar/Flickr