Animal Aid Unlimited is a rescue organization and shelter based in India that is known for going above and beyond to help animals in need. Sadly, millions of homeless animals roam the streets of India. But thankfully, Animal Aid Unlimited rescues 15-25 sick animals every day – a feat that is made possible with the help of their rescue hotline and the swift action of locals who call them.

When a homeless dog in India was found inside a drum of tar, Animal Aid Unlimited quickly jumped into action. They believe this poor pup was left in the tar for days and had turned rock solid. Understandably, the dog was so scared and as a result was hyperventilating. Because she was entirely glued to the metal casing, Animal Aid Unlimited had no other choice but to saw through the drum to free the dog. Once the top of the drum was off, the rescue team brought the pup back to their clinic. There, the rescue team began to soak the tar in vegetable oil to soften it. As you can see in the above video, Animal Aid Unlimited relentlessly works to free the dog from the rock solid tar.

And their determination paid off! The rescue team is able to get the dog out of the drum and from there could better access her burn wounds. After three long hours, Asha (meaning Hope in Hindi) was able to stand on her own. Today, Asha looks like an entirely different dog thanks to the dedication of Animal Aid Unlimited. We are incredibly thankful for all of the work Animal Aid Unlimited does to help homeless animals in India.

To learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited and for more information on how you can help, please visit their website.