Dogs and cats get a whole lot of attention for being smart, cute, friendly and all around awesome. We’re not impugning this, we’re big fans of our canine and feline friends. It’s just that, when it comes to animals, there are some that get the vast majority of the spotlight and others that spend most of their time backstage.

Specifically speaking of chickens, they’re less backstage and more sitting out in the parking lot wondering why they can’t get in through the stage door. What gives with that? When it comes to thinking of favorite animals, across the board, chickens just don’t get the same love that other animals do. For example, there are currently no federal laws that protect chickens. Not that it actually amounts to much protection for any animal, chickens aren’t included at all in the Humane Methods of Slaughter act! Seriously?


Considering that over 9 billion chickens are killed for their meat in factory farms every year while another 300 million spend their lives in tiny cages in order to produce eggs, one would think that some acknowledgment of their conditions would be made. Instead, 90 percent of those egg laying hens spend their lives in cruel battery cages while nearly all of the chickens raised for meat are kept in factory farms where up to 20,000 birds can be crammed in together at once.

Of the 10 billion land animals that are killed each year for food production, at 9 billion, chickens make up 90 percent of them. That’s a rate of 24 million per day slaughtered without any safeguards for their treatment.

Chickens (nor any other animal, might we add) don’t deserve such a fate. They are completely magnificent! We have no idea why their sheer marvelousness isn’t as well known and embraced as other animals, but we feel like that should end now. While we could go on for days about what makes these feathered phenoms fabulous, we’ve narrowed down 10 reasons why chickens are some of the coolest mothercluckers around!

1. Chickens have over 30 catalogued calls, ranging from alarms for predators to calling their chicks home for dinner.

10 Reasons Why We Give a Cluck About ChickensModern Farmer



2.  Chicken moms are known to be nurturing mothers, clucking to their unborn chicks through their shells (they’ve also been observed clucking back) and protecting them from predators.

 10 Reasons Why We Give a Cluck About ChickensTumblr



3. Some of them have some serious style

10 Reasons Why We Give a Cluck About ChickensSustainable America



4. They can remember up to 100 different, individual faces-both animal and human. 

10 Reasons Why We Give a Cluck About ChickensHealth Talk

5. Researchers believe that their excellent memory and complex social hierarchy, or “pecking order,” is a sign of intelligence advanced enough to put them on par with mammals. 

10 Reasons Why We Give a Cluck About ChickensMy Chicken Adventure

6. Unlike human toddlers, they can comprehend the concept of object permanence, meaning if you hide something from them, they know it still exists. Take that little Timmy.

10 Reasons Why We Give a Cluck About ChickensPhotography Blogger

7. Chickens love to play, often observed running, jumping and even sunbathing.

10 Reasons Why We Give a Cluck About ChickensLA Times



8. They’re the closest living relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex!

10 Reasons Why We Give a Cluck About ChickensMy Pet Chicken

9. Their babies look like this. C’mon. The “awww” factor is staggering.

10 Reasons Why We Give a Cluck About ChickensCutest Paw

10. They’re sentient beings, capable of feeling joy, excitement, fear and love.

10 Reasons Why We Give a Cluck About ChickensBackyard Chickens


Lead Image Credit: Seasons Girl