As the weather starts to get colder it seems like you can’t go anywhere without hearing someone sneeze or sniffle. No matter how much vitamin C we pack into our diets, the wintertime cold is constantly following us! But, did you know that humans aren’t the only animals who sneeze during cold season?

You’ve probably heard your dog or cat sneeze after they’ve gone digging under the dusty couch for a toy … but what about a chicken? Yes, chickens sneeze just like you and me! Check out this video to hear the chicken sneeze in full effect. We will warn you though, make sure the volume is not all the way up because you’re in for quite the surprise.

It seems like everyday we learn something new and wonderful about chickens that we never knew before. While there are plenty of reasons why we love chickens, the fact that their sneezes are hilarious is definitely being added to the list.