The queen’s army has rejected PETA’s proposal to replace their ceremonial bear fur caps with a faux fur alternative.

The Minister of State for Defence Procurement indicated that they had tested out the man-made fur option, but it only passed one of the five requirements to be used for the ceremonial cap.

Jeremy Quin, Minister of State for Defence Procurement, said, “Whilst it met the basic standard for water absorption, it showed unacceptable rates of water shedding and performed poorly on the visual assessment. As the man-made fur sadly didn’t meet the standards required for a ceremonial cap which is worn throughout the year and in all weathers, the Ministry of Defence has no plans to take this man-made fabric forward.”

Despite PETA’s pleas and cruelty of killing animals for their fur, the guards will still continue to wear bearskin caps. Those in power over this decision have been called out as being “anti-change.” 

This is a disappointment to many who were in support of ditching the real fur caps in order to create a new tradition of kindness towards animals. There is no need for fur, especially with so many vegan alternatives on the market that are just as good.

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