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As the horrific truth about the cruel fur industry has come to light in recent years, many animal activists have boycotted clothing and accessories made from animal fur.  Even major fashion houses like Burberry, Stella McCartney, and Calvin Klein have ditched fur in favor of humane alternatives made from synthetic materials. In turn, the popularity of “faux fur” items has skyrocketed.

But unfortunately, even buying products boasting a “faux” label doesn’t absolutely guarantee that you won’t be supporting the disgusting real fur industry in doing so. That’s because, frustratingly enough, major retailers often try to pass off fur sourced from live animals as being fake.

As more and more consumers have begun seeking out faux fur, trendy fashion suppliers such as Kohl’s, Amazon UK, and Neiman Marcus have all been found guilty of marketing real fur as faux in a desperate attempt to keep the profitable real fur industry from going under.

According to animal advocacy group ACTAsia, it is not at all uncommon for clothing and accessories which are actually made from the skins of cats or dogs in China to end up being deliberately mislabeled as “faux” and sold in other parts of the world, including the U.S. This is all so that the lucrative fur industry, which reportedly results in the deaths of several million domestic animals each year in China, can continue uninterrupted.

It is deeply upsetting that brands are getting away with this purposeful consumer deception. But luckily, we consumers can refuse to be duped. We all have the power to help dismantle this industry and its perpetuation of senseless animal cruelty by avoiding fur products — even those that claim to be fake — whenever possible.

If you’re on board to help end the fur industry once and for all, please pledge to stay away from all fur items and sign this Care2 petition opposing the horrific industry and its misleading labeling practices.

In addition, please also SHARE what you’ve learned here with all the animal lovers you know to help spread the little-known truth that labels can lie and “faux fur” may not be faux in reality!

Buzz Petition
Image Source: Pexels