Stories like this one are endlessly frustrating for Green Monsters. Kohl’s, the massive bargain retailer, has been caught selling REAL fur under the guide of “faux” fur, yet again! For individuals who have made the decided choice to not purchase or wear animal products, this comes as a huge disappointment.

The Humane Society of the United States caught Kohl’s selling accessories made of rabbit fur as faux fur products last season in a huge Cyber Monday sale, and now they have identified another mislabeled item on Kohl’s website. The latest fraudulent item is a fur-trimmed jacket that is made with real raccoon dog fur.




The jacket is advertised as faux fur both in stores and on the Kohl’s website. However, according to Ecouterre, the garment has a tag that indicates that the fur (sourced from China) is in fact real.


HSUS explains that failing to distinguish between faux and real fur is in violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act, as well as the FTC’s Fur Products Labeling Act  – not to mention the fact that it is highly unethical!

Last year, when Kohl’s sold rabbit fur as faux, HSUS called for the retailer to adopt a fur-free policy. Rather than hearing the concerns of their consumers, Kohl’s changed their customer relations phone number, and took down their customer services webpage.

This action (or lack there of) is utterly unacceptable and should not be allowed to continue. Many consumers have made the active choice to seek out the many fur alternatives available in today’s market, and rely on retailers to be honest and open about the products they sell.

Kohl’s might be alright with operating with questionable ethics, but they should not assume the same for their consumers. Share this post to help alert others about this mislabeled jacket, and let’s hold Kohl’s accountable for their actions!


Lead image source: Daily Bunny