If you’re a Green Monster, supporting cruelty-free products is obviously very important for you. And in our consumer driven culture, voting with our dollar is often an effective way to enact change. It’s also a great way to show others how easy it is to get cruelty-free products, and how fashionable they can be.

On Monday, Dec. 2, 2013, some shocking news was released about popular department store Kohl’s. The Humane Society of the United States reports that their “investigators purchased several different styles of Nicole Lee Fabiola brand handbags, which were prominently advertised as having ‘faux-fur’ trimming, from Kohls.com in October and November. However, upon examination, the handbags were found to be trimmed with animal fur, and laboratory testing determined the fur to be from a rabbit.”


The news has been a huge disappointment to animal advocates and consumers who believed that they were purchasing a cruelty-free item. What’s even more disturbing is this happened despite the fact that the Truth in Fur Labeling Act  (passed back in 2010) requires all garments with fur to be accurately labeled.

If this makes you angry, please take a moment to call Kohl’s customer service at 1-855-564-5709, and ask them to adopt a fur-free policy. Be sure to mention if you’re a loyal customer! You can also send them a follow-up message via HSUS, and even reach out to them on their Facebook page.

Use your voice to stand up for the animals — unleash your Green Monster!

You can also check out Fur Free Retailer for a list of apparel companies that are committed to not using fur.


Image Source: Robobobobo / Flickr