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Faux Fur: Hot or Not?

Faux fur seems to be a sticky issue for many animal activists. Some fear that wearing faux fur sends the message that real fur is fashionable. While others, like me, tend to disagree. But let me explain…

As a vegan, I choose to use my money as a way to vote. Whether I’m buying veggie burgers, cruelty-free mascara, or even a pair of vegan stilettos, I think that my dollar is one of the most powerful tools I have to influence social change. In my mind, buying faux fur sends the message that there is a market for that particular product, and buying it may encourage designers to incorporate faux—rather than real—fur into their collections.

If you want to send the message that you don’t have to hurt animals to feel beautiful, may I suggest you purchase one of these four fabulously faux-fur options?

  1. First up, we have SpiritHoods. These unique hoods come in a variety of styles and animal looks that give you a chance to unleash your inner “animal spirit.”
  2. Give fur the “boot” with a pair of these Madden Girl faux-shearling (sheep skin) booties. They would look great with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater!
  3. A faux-fur vest can be a hard look to pull off, but paired with the right accessories, it can give you a look that’s both laid back and polished. This vest from Fabulous Furs makes it easy!
  4. This Steve Madden Faux-fur Trim Hooded Winter Parka is doubly nice, as it’s both fur- and down-free. This faux-fur trim will give you a rough and rugged look, but the cinched waist will keep you looking pretty.

What’s your stance on faux fur? Share your opinion in the comment section below and join the conversation!