Wearing fur has become outdated and is widely considered a major faux pas. The trend away from fur has been growing at unprecedented rates, with fashion powerhouses like Gucci, Armani, BCBGMichael Kors, and Jimmy Choo recently ending their use of fur and joining a number of other designers like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, HUGO BOSS, Vivienne Westwood, and the all-vegan Stella McCartney in making fashion more cruelty-free.


With the public becoming more conscious of their clothing decisions, faux fur is gaining in popularity. However, unfortunately, sometimes items labeled “faux fur” are actually real fur. This is the case with Amazon UK, who has been selling gloves, hats, scarves, coats, and shoes that have been laboratory-proven to be real fur, but which are being sold as “faux fur.” The fur is identified as coming from foxes, rabbits, and chinchillas.

This is false advertising and is deceptive to customers. People should not be duped into supporting animal cruelty and brands which they do not morally agree with. A petition addressed to Amazon UK has been set up on Care2 in order to make them stop selling real fur. Please take a moment to sign this petition.

There is great power in public opinion, so please help get the word out by sharing this with your family and friends!

Image Source: Pixabay