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Luxury brand Saint Laurent has announced that they will be going fur-free next year with their new collection.

In 2022, the luxury wear brand has vowed to make its new line entirely free of real fur. It is just one of many luxury brands to go fur-free after years of animal rights protests against the use of fur. Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and Bottega Veneta are some of the other luxury brands that have also ditched fur.

Saint Laurent was recently called out for their use of fur by PETA, with activists demanding that the company take a closer look at the true cost of using fur.

This latest brand to go fur-free has inspired hope in animal activists everywhere. It shows that when consumers demand change and put pressure on these companies, their hard work does indeed pay off in the end. Hopefully, more brands will continue to go fur-free, and eventually, the need for the fur industry will be completely obliterated. 

The horrible reality behind the fur farming industry is entirely cruel and inhumane and it needs to go once and for all.

Sign this petition demanding that Chicago, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee ban the sale of fur products.

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