White Coat Waste has once again uncovered a horrible secret involving animal experimentation overseas.

A recent expose’ revealed that beagle puppy experiments are not the only horrible practice that the NIH has funded. White Coat Waste discovered a secret monkey island where Fauci and NIAID own hundreds of monkeys. These monkeys are taken from the island every year to be shipped off to be experimented on. They never make it back to their home and often die in unimaginable ways.

Every year, 500 monkeys are taken from this monkey island to be experimented on. Many of these monkeys are injected with some of the world’s deadliest diseases. They are left to suffer as scientists analyze how they react, and ultimately are all killed. It is a horrific cycle that results in the torture death of thousands of innocent monkeys every year.

One experiment involved injecting 12 monkeys with the deadly Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever virus. The virus made them extremely sick, and they were all eventually killed by staff.

In an emailed statement, Tiffani Milless, MD, FCAP, WCW medical adviser, said, “As a pathologist with expertise in how disease affects human patients, I can say with certainty that infecting nonhuman primates with painful and debilitating illnesses with the goal of curing humans is not just cruel, but it’s incredibly wasteful. The NIH should stop squandering tax dollars on wasteful and cruel primate testing that doctors like me cannot use to actually help people.”

There is no need for this kind of animal testing, not when there are so many more humane ways of understanding diseases. Monkeys are empathetic and social creatures who feel pain and fear. No living creature deserves the horrible fate that these monkeys are subject to. You can sign White Coat Waste Project’s petition to end the NIH’s cruel primate experiments here.

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