@thedodo Life with a toucan 💛 #animallover #petsoftiktok #toucan @chester_the_toucan ♬ original sound – The Dodo

These two are adorable and an inseparable duo that does everything together! Chester the toucan is not your average pet, but he is so affectionate. Chester loves company and gets very excited when guests come over. When he likes someone, he will even give them a raspberry as a little token of affection. Chester’s owner was shocked at just how cuddly Chester was. He loves nuzzling up against her, laying on her chest, and can even be found climbing into her shirt for a safe place to hide. Chester loves being pet and makes an adorable honking sound, which is his version of a cat’s purr. His favorite activities include helping out in the kitchen, enjoying warm showers, and flying all around the house.

Make sure to go follow @chester_the_toucan, the Chestnut-eared Aracari to keep up with his daily life and all of the mischiefs he gets into!

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