Poor Grecia was the victim of a senseless attack that left him without half of his upper beak. Toucans rely on their protective beaks for foraging and eating, so this attack essentially left Grecia defenseless in the wild.

Thankfully, he was rescued by Centro de Rescate de Vida Silvestre Tropical and is now being fitted for a prosthetic beak. While designing the perfect beak that is both the same size and weight of his natural beak has been a bit of a challenge, the rescue center is determined to help this little bird.


The center has been able to raise funds for Grecia’s new beak by sharing his story in the media. In fact, Grecia has become quite the local celebrity! Dr. Carmen Soto, the veterinarian who is caring for Grecia, explains that this toucan’s story is helping to teach the public a very important lesson about compassion towards animals. In many ways, Grecia has become an ambassador for the animal rights movement in Costa Rica and his story will hopefully protect countless others from similar abuse.