Hope for Paws is an animal rescue organization located in Los Angeles dedicated to saving innocent creatures from a difficult and dangerous life on the street. When they received a call that a terrified male Pit Bull was hiding under a car in a residential neighborhood, the Hope for Paws rescue team was soon on the scene.

Using plastic fencing, the team closed off any potential escape routes for the dog. The terrified animal was so fearful that he began to growl, and even a hot dog could not change his mood. Thankfully, with much patience, the team earned the dog’s trust and finally coaxed him out from his hiding spot.

They scanned the dog and found he was microchipped. Upon calling the dog’s guardians, they learned the Pit Bull named Boy had run away in reaction to the booming fireworks that had been going off in the surrounding neighborhoods. When the sweet dog was reunited with his family, he was overcome with happiness and could not stop hugging them and wagging his tail.

Boy was one of the lucky animals who was reunited with his family, but the sad truth is thousands of animals run away each year during Fourth of July celebrations, and many never return home. If you are grateful to Hope for Paws for rescuing animals like Boy, please consider making a donation to them.

And please share this story with friends as a reminder to keep animals indoors during loud events and to microchip them in case of emergency.

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