There are over 70 million stray dogs and cats in the U.S. Whether these animals have been abandoned by their guardians or were born into feral communities, they all share the need for a good home and proper care.

In Los Angeles, the rescue group Hope for Paws is working to rescue and find homes for some of the many homeless dogs in need.


In this video, Elidad from Hope for Paws sets out with Shannon von Roemer from Bark N’ Bitches to save a stray Pit Bull who had been hit by a car. Gaining the trust of a stray animal can be difficult, especially if they are injured and trying to protect themselves. Luckily, Shannon and Elidad came prepared with snacks to win over the scared pittie. In no time at all, this frightened pup transformed into a loving, sweet dog.

Now this pup, who they named Danny, is ready for a forever home! If you’re interested in adopting Danny, check out the Bark N’ Bitches website.