If you’re in need of a happy story today, we’ve got a good one for you. A dog, named Maui, became a huge hit on Instagram when her human posted the most precious video ever. It became so popular that Maui now has her own Instagram page. The video, which is sure to make you smile and shed a few happy tears, tells the story of how Maui ended up in her loving home and living the happy life she lives now.


As Maui’s human states in the video, Maui is completely deaf. She can’t hear at all, so she was returned to the shelter three different times because she was too difficult to train. That’s heartbreaking because as can be seen by the rest of the video, they simply weren’t patient enough to teach Maui. If they were patient and stuck with it, they would have seen she’s such a good girl!

The person speaking says he decided to use hand signals to teach her basic commands and demonstrates that she does indeed know them. He wakes her up by softly touching her and as he says: “she’s literally the cutest thing on the planet.”

Maui knows how to shake his hand and loves chewing on ice cubes. He says the sweetest and most adorable thing about her: “We’re not perfect, but she’s perfect for me. She’s my best friend.” These two were simply a match made in heaven and were certainly supposed to be together. Their friendship is heartwarming and precious.

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