Rodeos are packed full of cruel events that rely on the pain and suffering of animals for entertainment. However, “wild cow milking” might just be one of the worst events of them all.

Source: In Defense of Animals/Youtube

In Alameda County, California, this event will take place this weekend at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo. In Defense of Animals is urging animal activists to urge officials in the county to bring these abuse spectacles to an end finally.

“Rodeo events are strictly designed for entertainment and are nothing more than displays of human domination over other animals for human ego gratification,” In Defense of Animals said on their website.

Wild cow milking is a rodeo event that involves separating a distressed, lactating new mother cow from her calf and forcing her into a loud and bright arena. Then, two men on horseback chase her down, violently rope her, and then forcibly milk her before all of the cheering fans. The traumatized cows run away in terror, trying to escape.

Cows are sentient creatures and mammals, and they experience deep, familial bonds between mother and calf.  It’s common for these mothers to cry all night for weeks if their calves are removed from their sides.

In Defense of Animals says that this abuse event can prove to be deadly as well. In 2008 at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo, a cow was euthanized after breaking her neck when she tried to escape by jumping over a fence. In 2004, a cow was also euthanized after breaking a leg during the Livermore Rodeo.

Although this event is widely not accepted, the Hayward Area Recreation District (HARD) has declined to do anything about the cruel events. Now, this weekend, the event will take place again at Rowell Ranch, which is owned and operated by HARD.

In 2019, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors did something great and banned mutton busting, which is an event where children jump on sheep and try to hold on and ride them. Now, we need to encourage them to ban wild cow milking at Rowell Ranch and other barbaric rodeo events taking place.

Check out In Defense of Animal’s resources for what YOU can do to stop this cruel event from taking place at the rodeo. While you’re at it, sign this petition to demand that the HARD ban the cruel and non-sanctioned events at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo!

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