The love between a mother and child is the most powerful form of love there is. It’s everlasting, unconditional, and can give both the strength to do things that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

Love is another quality that animals match us in, however, the cruel factory farming and dairy industry will routinely separate adult pigs, cows, and chickens from their babies at birth so they can be used as food.

Karma, the cow in the video, was rescued from a farm by the good people at The Gentle Barn animal rescue service. But unlike most rescued animals who are thrilled to be free, Karma was uneasy. She kept calling out for something during the night, to the dismay of her rescuers.

It turns out, she was calling her baby the whole time. Once her rescuers went and got the baby who was weak from the stress, exhaustion, and hunger, Karma could barely contain herself. She tries to squeeze through the fence around her pen and watches in horror as her baby collapses several times.

Thankfully, Karma and her baby were reunited in the end and neither of them has to worry about being separated ever again!