Source: Kinder World

As with humans, the most powerful relationship that exists for cows is that between a mother and baby. Cows have strong maternal bonds and are attentive, protective, and loving parents. When allowed, a mother cow may nurse her calf for as long as three years. And the mother-child bond continues after weaning as they often remain close to each other for life. Cows are very empathetic animals and females in a herd will often step in to look after a new calf and help protect them when their mama is away.

Knowing this, when we came across the above video of a grieving mother cow doing everything in her power to help keep her friend’s baby away from dairy farmers, we were absolutely heartbroken.

Because cows form such strong bonds with their loved ones, it is only natural that they show signs of grief when they suffer a loss. Unfortunately, cows in the dairy industry are all too familiar with the pain of having their child taken away from them. In order for cows to produce milk, they have to be repeatedly impregnated. When the baby is born, they spend only a few hours with their mothers before they are taken away so the farmers can collect the mother’s milk. If the calf is male, he will likely be sent to become veal while females are either raised to be dairy cows or sent to be beef cows.

It is not uncommon for dairy cows to search for their babies after they are removed, they also will bellow for hours or days and fall into a state of depression.

Seeing the reaction of the cows in this video, it is abundantly clear that they are emotional and intelligent beings who do not deserve to be treated with such malice and disregard. If you want to change this cruel industry, the best thing you can do is end your support of it. Opt for plant-based milk and cheese when you shop, and share this video so others can see what life for dairy cows is really like.

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