Kavaan the elephant was captured when he was just one-year-old. He was taken away from his herd in Sri Lanka and taken to the Islamabad Zoo in Pakistan where he has been ever since. And he’s been all alone since 2012 when his partner died. Since 2016, pop icon Cher has been championing his release and finally, Kavaan will be free!

According to the Guardian, Cher, “sent a representative to the zoo to try to get him released from captivity, and a petition for his freedom had hundreds of thousand of signatures” in 2016. So when a court recently declared that he should be free from the zoo, Cher cried tears of joy!

Of course, Cher did not do this alone and congratulations are in order for Animal Welfare Worldwide who set up a petition on Change.org and fought hard for this wonderful victory for Kavaan.

Kavaan is not yet free, but the court “ordered wildlife officials to consult with Sri Lanka to find him a ‘suitable sanctuary’ within 30 days.” This is fantastic news for the elephant who spent his life in captivity after being stolen from his home and for the animal activists who have worked hard for his freedom. It also proves why speaking up is important and that petitions do have power and they are a way of taking action.

On that note, sign these petitions to help other elephants as well:

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