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Recently, Clewiston Animal Service Rescue found a dog tied to a stop sign at the end of the street. Not much information is given about where the dog came from or what kind of shape it was in. All we know is that animal rescue services were alerted by someone calling in a tip.

Clewiston Animal Services Rescue said, “I can assure you that if we find the person(s) responsible, we will arrest and prosecute them.”

This is another sad story of an animal being callously discarded without any thought. The report says nothing about the condition of the dog or how long they had been tied to the sign. But the poor pup was probably overheated and maybe even dehydrated after being in the elements in such a vulnerable way.

People discarding their pets is becoming a real issue and one that needs to be addressed. Animal shelters need more funding to take care of these pups and the government needs to fund awareness campaigns so people not only know how to properly care for their dog, but also that if they can no longer care for their dog, the best option is to return them to the shelter. Plus, people need to be provided mental healthcare and resources to care for their animals so they aren’t forced to make these kinds of decisions. 

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