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With 2021 coming to a close, we are all left to ponder the year behind us and the good and the bad that it brought.

Despite the fact that life is still not entirely back to normal from the pandemic, it has become considerably more normal than 2021 was.

The COP26 was recently assembled, giving us some new hope for climate-changing plans being put into place for the future. Yet, some important solutions have still been overlooked even with the current climate crisis becoming direr.

With that being said, these new movies, films, and documentaries put a bright spot in 2021. Giving us a look into nature and the beautiful world of the animals around us.

1. Gunda

Gunda is a cinematic and slow-moving film that documents the life of a mother pig, a flock of chickens, and a herd of cows. While showing their day-to-day lives through a beautiful lens of black and white.

The farm’s ambient soundtrack and slow-moving film encourage the viewer to slow down and take in the beauty before them. While creating a breathtaking film from the perspective of a farm animal.

2. Save Ralph

Save Ralph is a 2021 stop motion mockumentary by a collection of activists and celebrities. It highlights the story of a lab rabbit, educating viewers on the horrors of animal testing. In the short film, Ralph the rabbit, details his life as a testing bunny and how it affected his body.

3. Shark By Steve Backshall

Shark by Steve Backshall is a four-part 2021 TV series that centers on the life of sharks. It follows Backshall as he dives with a variety of shark species, including great whites, hammerheads, and more.

The series also focuses on the plights of sharks right now as the ocean has become an even more dangerous place. The waters are overfished, the ecosystem is being disrupted, and Climate change is affecting shark populations everywhere.

4. Indigo

Indigo is a short 2021 documentary created by Joaquin Phoenix sharing his experiences with rescuing animals from slaughterhouses.

The short documentary was inspired by a mother cow and her calf that Phoenix rescued. It depicts the startlingly honest story of how slaughterhouse animals are treated, and spreads awareness about the horrific cruelty that goes on behind closed doors.

5. The Mating Game

The Mating Game is a series of episodes showing the oftentimes, delicate nature of animals finding a mate in the wild.

Each episode highlights a specific area where wildlife mate, going into detail about the specific mating rituals of the animals. While taking the viewer through these breathtaking places to watch the strange and beautiful rituals of these animals.

6. Moonbear Homecoming

Moonbear Homecoming, narrated by James Cromwell, tells the touching story of 101 moon bears who were rescued from a bile farm.

The 2021 mini-documentary tells the story of what went into rescuing these moon bears and transporting them to their new home. It also highlights the horrors behind the bear bile industry and just how poorly the bears are treated.

7. Christ Packham’s Animal Einsteins

Christ Packham’s Animal Einsteins is a unique and inquisitive series of episodes that focus on the hidden intelligence of animals in the wild.

Each episode showcases a different set of skills that species have that helps them to survive and thrive in the wild. This includes how wildlife gets around, how they avoid predators, and how they trick their prey.

8. We Don’t Deserve Dogs

We Don’t Deserve Dogs is a documentary that explores the ways that dogs impact our lives. The film showcases story from around the world and features some of the most extraordinary relationships between dogs and their owners.

9. Secrets of the Whales

This documentary show was filmed over the course of 3 years across 24 different locations.

Each episode takes you through the unique world of the orcas, belugas, narwhals, sperm whales, and humpback whales, revealing the secrets of how they live and how they view the world around them.

Narrated by actress and conservationist Sigourney Weaver, the documentary series hits at the heart of the viewer by showing just how precious these creatures are and why we need to save them.

10. A Life in Color

A Life in Color, created and voiced by David Attenborough, gives viewers the chance to see how wildlife use color to survive and adapt to their environments. It uses new technology to give the viewer animal-like vision, so they can see the surrounding nature through the eyes of animals.

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