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When most people think of Thanksgiving, they picture a turkey served as food, accompanied by a wide range of sides. This year, why not challenge the norm and save a turkey instead of eating one? Several sanctuaries in and outside of the United States have turkey adoption or sponsorship programs so you can help these sensitive and lively creatures live out their days in safety. 

Here are a few sanctuaries that allow you to sponsor or adopt a turkey:

The Gentle Barn 

The Gentle Barn is a sanctuary for abused and neglected animals. They’ve provided a home to emus, cows, pigs, horses, goats, turkey, and more. This holiday season, instead of cooking a turkey, why not become a turkey guardian? For a one-time donation of $35 (or $150 for the entire flock), you could help contribute to giving The Gentle Barn turkeys a peaceful and healthy life away from the shackles of factory farming. 

Heather is one of the many turkeys you can become a guardian to. She was rescued from horrible and violent conditions, but is now thriving and described as “intelligent and curious”!

Woodstock Farms Sanctuary 

Sponsoring a turkey at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary means you get to help provide a turkey with the food, shelter, and medical care they require. Spending $30 to help a turkey (and their friends!) will mean you get to send a card, photograph, and your chosen turkey’s story.

Amy is one of the many turkeys you could choose to sponsor at Woodstock Farms Sanctuary. She is one of the older turkeys there and has been living a peaceful and happy life since being rescued right before Thanksgiving several years ago. 

Farm Sanctuary 

Farm Sanctuary believes that just as the world is changing, our traditions should be too. Their Adopt a Turkey Project has been active since 1986, but don’t worry, you don’t bring the turkey home with you! A one-time $35 donation is all it takes to help already rescued turkeys, protect turkeys in need, and spread awareness. 

Faye is this year’s Spokesturkey. He was found as a baby and wouldn’t have made it if not for Farm Sanctuary. Faye is lively, explorative, and is living a very happy life! 

The Riley Farm Rescue 

The Riley Farm Rescue first began in 2015 when its founder, Marla Riley, decided to buy a few chickens for pets. She quickly developed a close bond with them and began looking into how other animals were treated in factory farms. The Riley Farm Rescue has rescued over 100 farm animals from a variety of harmful situations. For $30, you can adopt one of the many turkeys at the rescue and help them get through this holiday season. 

Ginger is one of the many turkeys you can adopt. She was rescued from a feed store with another turkey named Fred the last thanksgiving. Ginger is an inquisitive and social turkey who usually joins guests on farm tours! 

Pasado’s Safe Haven 


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Pasado’s Safe Haven takes care of over 200 rescued animals. They’ve all come from a variety of situations, like hoarding houses or slaughterhouse ‘dead piles.’ They promise all their animals the safety and respect they didn’t previously receive. You can sponsor a turkey at Pasado’s Safe Haven for as little as $15 and help end animal cruelty. 

Tiegan is one of the many turkeys available to sponsor. She was rescued three years ago and is sweet and resilient. Tiegan loves one-on-one attention and has very kind, soft eyes.

Peace Ridge Sanctuary 

Peace Ridge Sanctuary is home to a variety of farm animals from cows to rabbits. They give their animals permanent homes and work towards changing the mainstream attitude towards animals. You can make a monthly donation to one of their many turkeys. An adoption card, photograph, and story of your chosen turkey will be sent to you as thanks. 

Bernard was rescued in 2021 from a hoarding situation and brought to Peace Ridge Sanctuary. He has beautiful shiny black feathers and was one of many turkeys brought in from a difficult situation. 

Little Oak Sanctuary

Located in Australia, Little Oak Sanctuary recognizes how smart, proud, and affectionate turkeys can be if given a chance and treated like the sentient beings they are. You can choose whether to make a one-time donation or a monthly contribution to the sanctuary. There are three different levels of sponsorship so you can choose what works for your budget. 

Keith is one of the many Aussi turkeys at the sanctuary. He was rescued on Christmas Eve, 2017, and was saved from being consumed as part of Christmas dinner that year. 

Animal Place 

Animal Place is one of the oldest and largest animal sanctuaries in the nation. They have a variety of rescued animals, including several turkeys. For just $25, you could help feed all of their turkeys for two weeks or fund their annual deworming! 

Sassafras is one of the turkeys happily living at Animal Place. She loves watermelon and being very social! 

Make This Thanksgiving an Altruistic One 

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what you have, so why not spread that compassion and appreciation to other nonhuman sentient beings? Please consider being a turkey sponsor this holiday season and help create new, loving, traditions! 

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