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With the holidays approaching, you’re probably starting to think about the plans you will make, the decorations you will put up, and of course, the food you will cook. Holiday meals are such a wonderful way to bring people together and enjoy each other’s company. Sharing food is truly one of the best ways to bond.

Sadly, many holiday tables are set with cruelty. There are so many delicious vegan foods and recipes to serve during the holidays, yet so many people still opt for animal products. One of the animals that people consume during the holidays is turkey.

Like all factory-farmed animals, turkeys are taken from their mothers and kept in tiny, unsanitary conditions. In addition to the general abuse that turkeys inevitably suffer at the hands of farmers, turkeys have part of their beaks and toes cut off. Many turkeys also suffer broken legs as a result of genetic modifications that make them grow large extremely fast. They live short, painful lives before they are slaughtered in a variety of extremely painful and cruel ways.

This holiday season, please consider ditching the turkey and other animal products for plant-based alternatives. Not only are they delicious, but they also don’t cause needless suffering and abuse towards animals.

Here are 10 cute turkeys that are so adorable, they might change your perspective and convince you to leave turkeys off your dinner plate for good:

1. Beatrice

Source: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary/Youtube

This video of Beatrice getting gentle pets and affection is so sweet! She was purchased alive from a turkey farm and given as a gift; however, the man who received knew he wouldn’t be able to care for her and gave her to a wildlife rehabber who eventually gave her to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Now, Beatrice gets all the affection that she wants (which is a lot!)

If you’d like to help more animals like Beatrice, you can Donate to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary here.

2. Toby

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

When Toby arrived at Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary, he had a bad foot infection. He needed many surgeries and lots of treatment to have a chance at surviving and having a good quality of life. Kristen and Jay, his rescuers, did everything that they could for Toby to help him learn how to walk and heal. He also got so much love and specialy treatment! Toby got a seat at the dinner table, watched TV with them on the couch, and took lots of baths. Kristen and Jay even got a stroller to help him get around when walking was especially difficult. Sadly, Toby passed away, but while at the sanctuary, his rescuers put so much effort and love into his recovery. During his life, Toby got to know what love felt like, which is not something that most farm animals have a chance to experience.

If you’d like to help more animals like Toby, you can Donate to Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary Donate here.

3. Leon

Source: ABC News/Youtube

Leon was found walking around the streets of California and after a brief stay in a local animal shelter, he was brought to Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. They’re not quite sure about his background, but all that matters is that now, he lives in a loving home where he will never be harmed. This sweet bird loves getting belly rubs, kisses on his head, and hugs. He acts like a little puppy!

If you’d like to Support animals like Leon, you can Donate to Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary here.

4. Cornelius

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

How cute is this video? Cornelius LOVES to cuddle with his rescuer and it’s absolutely adorable! This video is so sweet and will definitely leave you with the desire to cuddle a cute turkey too!

If you’d like to help more animals like Cornelius, you can Donate to Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary here.

5. Sir Fancy Pants

Source: gentlebarn/Youtube

After watching this video, we definitely understand how Sir Fancy Pants got his name! The Gentle Barn rescued Sir Francis aka Sir Fancy Pants from Thanksgiving in 2011. At first, he was quite small and afraid, but it didn’t take long for him to get comfortable in his new home. His favorite thing to do became showing off his beautiful feathers and dancing like this for visitors! He was also a wonderful addition to selfies. Because turkeys that are raised for meat are genetically modified to grow extremely fast, Sir Fancy Pants started to develop health issues and the sanctuary had to let him go. However, while genetically engineered turkeys like him usually can only live until around two-years-old, Sir Fancy Pants lived until he was six! This guy was so adorable and we love his confidence. He was definitely a special turkey.

If you’d like to help more cute turkeys like Sir Fancy Pants, you can Donate to Gentle Barn here.

6. Turkeys That Love the Camera

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

How cute are these baby turkeys enjoying their new home at Farm Sanctuary? They definitely seem to be loving it. If one thing is for sure, these little turkeys are not camera shy. In fact, they seem much more like camera hogs than turkeys. These tiny little guys prove that they have huge personalities while chasing down and pecking at the camera. So cute!

If you’d like to help more animals like these little turkeys, you can Donate to Farm Sanctuary here.

7.  Michael

Source: Catskill Animal Sanctuary/Youtube

Michael was found wandering around a road near a turkey farm. Rather than bring her back to the place that would slaughter her, the person who found her brought her to Catskill Animal Sanctuary. She still loves to wander, especially near the offices where she’s sure to get some attention. In this video, she’s going to meet some new friends, Imogen, Howard, Elery, and Malika, after the passing of her old BFF, Daisy. Michaels is such a cutie and we wish her all the best!

If you’d like to help more animals like Michael, you can Donate to Catskill Animal Sanctuary here.

8. Turkey that Loves to Groom Lamb Friend

Source: Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary/Youtube

This is just about one of the sweetest interactions we’ve ever seen! This turkey was a new rescue and seems to have taken a liking to Oreo the sheep. The turkey didn’t let a fence stop her, she got to work grooming her new friend and making a great first impression at her new home!

9. Baby Turkeys Taking Their First Steps Outside

Source: farmsanctuary/Youtube

After finding twenty-four baby turkeys that had been saved from a factory farm and left at their doorstep, Farm Sanctuary took these birds to get medical attention at Melrose Small Animal Hospital. Because they were raised on a factory farm, they had extensive medical issues, but they eventually started to heal. Watch this amazing video that documents their first time outside! It’s heartwarming that all these turkeys got to be in the sun and enjoy the fresh air. They seem so happy and excited to have this freedom!

If you’d like to help more animals like these little turkeys, you can Donate to Farm Sanctuary here.

10. Turkey Hugs!

Source: freefromharmblog/Youtube

This compilation of turkeys getting love will melt your heart. What could be cuter than snuggly, affectionate turkeys? It’s amazing to see so many turkeys that were spared the cruel fate that millions of turkeys suffer every year. Everyone needs a hug to lift them up sometimes. If you’re in need of one, this sweet compilation will have a pretty similar effect.

If you’d like to help more animals like these little turkeys, you can Donate to Piebird Farm Sanctuary here.

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