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5 Healthy ‘Shots’ To Alkalize Your Body in the Morning


In the morning, we feel a little, well … less than stellar. Achy, stiff, the bed is calling our name to stay in, and let’s be honest, we just don’t feel so hot. While most of us do enjoy some coffee in the morning, before we head to the glorious pot or French press (or Starbucks for some of you), we should pause and make an effort to enjoy something else right beforehand.

The body is naturally very acidic in the morning because as it cleanses itself overnight. As we give it a break from food and allow our organs to rejuvenate so we can feel our best the next day, all the wastes from the previous day (or even days before that) make their way through our system. This is nature’s way of making us feel brand new, but first thing, the body can feel a little lifeless.

The answer to this is to consume a high-quality, alkaline drink the morning, but you don’t need a huge amount to reap the benefits. That’s why we’ve called these healthy options below “shots” but not the ones you’re thinking of—sorry!



These alkaline shots are so powerful in their ability to promote energy, an alkaline body, eliminate inflammation, an erratic stomach, and achy muscles, that you’ll feel it almost seconds, and especially minutes, after you drink them. Just 2-4 ounces of these is all you need and you’ll be set for the day. Making these fast and easy shots a practice in your day is a healthy habit that takes under five minutes that anyone can do.

Try these five…

1. Straight ACV

This is the fastest, and possibly, laziest yet powerful, option of them all. Apple cider vinegar, coined ACV, is nature’s most alkaline, probiotic-rich beverage that can relieve so many ailments in a small serving. Muscle pain, headaches, sluggish digestion, and just a general acidic feeling can all disappear in mere seconds after you have some ACV. To make a shot, combine 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar with 2-4 ounces of water (depending on how much you want), add a few ice cubes and drink. Or, just toss back 1 tsp. straight and call it a day. Your choice—you’ll benefit no matter how hard you take your ACV!

2. Lean, Mean, Green Juice

Green juice might sound like a trend you’re tired of hearing about, but it’s a very efficient, natural way to alkalize the body and improve your mood too. Rich in magnesium, vitamin C, and micronutrients that feed the body on a cellular level, green juice is an excellent remedy for achy muscles, digestion, and general inflammation. Be sure you keep your green juice simple and free of lots of sugar for the most benefits and efficiency. No one wants to clean the juicer in the morning or drink the amount of sugar equivalent in a glass of processed OJ. Make a lean, green juice with: 1 head romaine, 1 lemon, 1/2 inch ginger, and 1/2 a cucumber. Done!

3. Spirulina, Plant-Powered Green Smoothie

Green smoothies can serve as a breakfast option, or can just be simple and served before you even eat. If you’re looking to use this as a simple anti-inflammatory, alkalizing drink, just keep things simple, but add a boost with the amazing spirulina—a superfood algae that some call nature’s multivitamin. Blend 2 cups spinach with 1/4 cup frozen berries, 1 slice ginger, and a little stevia if you need some sweetness. This is filled with 10 grams of protein from the spinach, vitamin C, B vitamins, iron, and potassium to make you feel amazing first thing in the day. It’s also low-glycemic and would make the perfect breakfast if you’d like to add some plant-based protein like hemp seeds or a protein powder on the market.

4. Lemon, Cayenne, and ACV

Lemon, cayenne, and ACV are combined to create a top alkalizing shot that will make you feel incredible! Cayenne is a metabolism booster, inflammatory reducing spice that also aids in digestion, reduces pain, and can give you a similar buzz to caffeine without the crash. Lemon is a top alkalizing and cleansing food that adds sweetness and vitamin C to the already slightly sweet and tart ACV. The end result is a tonic that’s powerfully cleansing and rejuvenating. Combine the juice of a lemon, 1 tiny pinch (1/8 tsp.) cayenne, and 1 tsp. ACV in a small cup with 2 ounces of water. Add crushed ice, blend, and serve as an icy tonic that wakes you up and gets you going!

5. Ginger, ACV, and Lemon

For a tummy-helping beverage first thing in the day, go with ginger, lemon, and ACV. These three all have digestive boosting properties, but when combined are much more effective. Ginger relieves nausea, indigestion, bloating, and constipation, reduces pain in the body, and can provide natural energy. Combined with the benefits of ACV and lemon, this will settle the stomach, energize you, and provide clarity you need to start the day. A happy gut means a happier mind, and a happier you!


Do you have a favorite “shot” you like to drink first thing in the day? You can also see our smoothies, liquid tonics, and other tips on alkalizing the body for more helpful information.

Lead Image Source: Ultra Queen K Performance Blend

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124 comments on “5 Healthy ‘Shots’ To Alkalize Your Body in the Morning”

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Dr. Common Sense
3 Months Ago

This alkaline mime is complete nonsense. People wake up and smell the coffee. Even if, as many pointed out, vinegar, which is acidic (as it says on the side of any bottle) were alkali, a teaspoon of pure lye against a 200 pound average obese american would be like pi55ing into an Olympic swimming pool, to use the technical description. As anyone who actually showed up and balanced chemical equations in 11th grade science classes knows this whole health trend in rubbish and actually dangerous.

Daniel, MD
3 Months Ago

I am a physician. I can\'t believe this article passes as "news." It is utter nonsense. Every fifth grader knows vinegar is an acid (acetic acid) not an alkali. And lemon juice is citric acid. I use these types of articles as examples of the bullsh*t that passes as "science" or "nutrition" or "health" these days that is completely without ANY factual basis! Where are the references? Where is the evidence of such ridiculous claims? Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence!

20 Sep 2016

So what if your a physician, they don\'t teach you anything about health and nutrition in med school, thats why every second person is dying of cancer, because of all the crap they eat, most doctors are ignorant, all they know how to do is write out a prescription.

3 Months Ago

I cannot believe that anyone still believes in this alkalize your body nonsense. Unless you are in kidney or pulmonary failure your body is going to bring your pH back to normal.

03 Sep 2016

I can\'t believe it either.

3 Months Ago

Apple cider vinegar is extremely acidic not alkaline. whoever wrote this is stupid

03 Sep 2016

ACV becomes alkaline when it enters the body, sames goes for lemons. You\'re just a little on the simple side. But good for you for being independent and using the computer all by yourself.

03 Sep 2016

Stupid " Ridic " ! " Uberman " put you in your place ! Ha Ha Ha !

Barbara Bruzzo
1 Years Ago

Regina Maria

Regina Maria
20 Oct 2015

legal !! gostei!!

Justin Rock
1 Years Ago

Christina Antonuccio

Rob Stephenson
1 Years Ago

Acid cannot 'alkalize' you. Unless you're into alchemy of course.

Jay Gilvear
1 Years Ago

Trudi Taylor

Ly Vonne
1 Years Ago

Jamie Ly

Meri Barrioz
1 Years Ago

Bill Barrioz, Donna Hiott


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