Nosey the elephant has been through it all. Not only is she a captive elephant, unable to live like she would in the wild, but she is a circus elephant. And not only is she a circus elephant, but she is stuck with truly one of the worst circuses in the world. Liebel’s Family Circus (also known as Liebeling Brothers Circus, The Great American Family Circus or Florida State Family Circus), run by Hugo Liebel, is a traveling show with more violations of the Animal Welfare Act than we know how to handle. The circus has been cited over 200 times for their poor treatment of Nosey and several primates.

Even after many warnings and fines, Liebel is still at it. He continues to torture the animals in his care. Nosey, for example, was “trained” using electric prods, bull hooks, shovels and even sledgehammers. There have even been occasions where circus attendees have witnessed Nosey being beaten. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Nosey suffers from advanced arthritis, degenerative joint disease and impaired limb function. With this condition, Liebel continues to force her to give rides to his customers.


Despite much pressure by animal rights activists, veterinarians and people from all walks of life who are calling for the USDA to reevaluate Nosey’s situation, the USDA has renewed her license for another year. Ugh!

What does this mean? This means that Nosey will experience more suffering as she will be forced to continue giving rides and perform circus tricks. Liebel and his circus will continue to exploit this poor, suffering elephant despite her growing list of medical concerns an obvious misery.

Liebel claims he “saved” Nosey when her parents were poached in Zimbabwe. Saving someone, however, typically doesn’t involve slavery and torture. To follow Nosey’s plight and help as much as possible, visit Action for Nosey Now’s page.

Image source: AaronSchock/Flickr