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When a dog was dumped on the side of the road, the four-legged loyal friend waited for days for his guardian to return. Sadly, the abandoned dog was never picked up again by his former family. According to a post by this Imgur user, the dog is so devoted to his human guardian, that he wouldn’t go near any other person and has been patiently waiting on the street for his keeper to return. Sadly, he remains alone. However, that hasn’t stopped some kind-hearted people from doing whatever they can to help the poor pup.

The abandoned dog awaits his guardian’s return.


Out of loyalty and possibly fear, the dog refuses to be picked up by other humans.


Even the rain doesn’t keep him from his look-out post.


But soon, kind strangers started to do something amazing for this sweet, heartbroken dog.


Bringing him food, water, and shelter until he is ready to trust another human. 


He continues to wait for the person who left him. 




While we don’t know the exact circumstances of where this loyal dog is, or if he has been rescued, we do know that he is one of millions of homeless animals living on the streets. The kindness that these people have shown him is truly remarkable, and we hope that he will learn to love and trust people enough again to find a forever home.

You can help homeless animals like this pup by always choosing to adopt not shop. If you happen to come across a pup, or any other animal in need, check out these Animal Rescue Hotlines.

All image source: jumpstart79/Imgur

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244 comments on “Strangers Show Kindness to Dog Who Refuses to Leave the Spot Where He Was Abandoned”

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Jeri Maier
1 Years Ago

This story is from August 2014, the story was about the dog that was abandoned (?) in Phuket, Thailand. It went viral in
Thailand and worldwide. I found his story on this site but not his latest update. Be assure that he is well taken care
of even if he did not go with any one. . Thai people love animals (dogs and cats). They would feed him and probably try to
catch him to adopt him.

john pasqua
1 Years Ago


1 Years Ago

And the LOCATION of this poor pup? Why is it the children today who call themselves \'journalists\' can\'t be bothered with the simple basics of "who, what, why, when and where!"

1 Years Ago

Going to the pet store is a double-edged sword. On the bad side, you are almost certainly contributing to a problem with puppy mills if you buy a dog at a pet store. But on the flip side, it\'s pretty much a no questions asked affair. You can pick a dog, pay for it, and bring it home in very short order. When I recently applied to adopt an animal about 2 hundred miles away from my home, I had to fill out a mountain of paperwork, pay a fee to be considered, and then wait for some days to finally hear a response. I was DENIED, because I willingly admitted to having an intact female dog in my home. Nevermind that the dog I wanted was fixed. Nevermind that my dog enjoys an incredibly high quality of life. No, after all the hubbub and ordeal of it all, they told me I cannot adopt the animal I wanted because I have an intact female in my home. A couple weeks later, I checked back in on the website for this dog, and they had updated the listing to show that they had put the dog down because they couldn\'t find a proper home for it and also I think the dog needed some basic medical attention and they couldn\'t raise the funds to handle it. I was both shocked and outraged to hear of this, and I emailed them to let them know my absolute disgust at their policy and their handling of the dog that I could have easily afforded to care for and get it back to health. Next thing I know, they emailed me back and notified me that I\'ve been placed on the national do not adopt list because of my hostile email. Mind you, there was no threats or anything like that, just me venting at them for their policy that, in my mind, definitely resulted in the dog\'s completely avoidable death. So... yea... off to the pet store I go for my next dog.

30 May 2017

There are plenty of dogs available through the newspaper. Please don\'t let these horrid ugly persons affect your choice in selecting a dog. And when you do go searching, please consider adopting a SENIOR dog. They are not as adoptable as puppies, but better behaved and so grateful. Thank you.

30 May 2017

I wish the humanoid that dumped him would at least return, scoop him up, and deliver him to a rescue organization. Pretty heartless and also CRIMINAL to dump that beautiful dog like that.

Helen Bedd
30 May 2017

Yep, that story rings all too true. In the quest to assure the dog finds a new home, morons let good dogs be put down rather than a risk a placement that doesn\'t meet 100% of their guidelines.

Michael Martin
1 Years Ago

Every day of my life it seems someone shows me how awful and completely heartless we as a whole society seem to have become. We throw away animals we once supposedly loved like a empty soda can . We do this to our own family and loved ones each day also. I was thrown away by my wife 3 years ago because I had a illness and she did not want to bother helping me. Left me homeless. America is dying right before our eyes, people have become so much more rude to others. Thanks Mr Trump for showing everyone it is OK to be a self centered,narcissistic,rude jerk ! One might ever become a billionaire and President of the USA !

30 May 2017

Keep the political trump hate out of it!!! We won so get the fk over it already. No one wanted another clinton, let alone a criminal in office and voted for the one who would help the country rather than hurt it some more

30 May 2017

Hate to break this to you, Michael, but the country was way down that path before Trump came along.

Leo Horbach
30 May 2017

Michael Martin, you are insane for your response to this story. What does Trump have to do with this.

Jen Heasley
1 Years Ago

Someone needs to help this faithful dog!! He needs a wonderful home with a family that loves him. I understand he won\'t let anyone touch him, but they\'re tons of animal rescue organizations out there that would help!! Animals are a lifetime commitment no matter what!! Family is family!!

1 Years Ago

It\'s sad that any person would do this to a animal that looks at them as family. This is exactly why i tend to like animals more than people. People have a choices animals don\'t we as owners are their voice.

30 May 2017

People that do things like to animals really make me sick. I would love the slap the crap out of them.

1 Years Ago

The rescuers need to bring another dog to help coax him to go home with them, and hopefully he will allow them to rescue him after seeing they have a dog he can get along with. It\'s a matter of trust, and his trust was betrayed by the one person he trusted. I hope the slimeball who did this sees this article, or a news broadcast. The authorities should also track the bum down and fine him.

1 Years Ago

How horrible and despicable and disgusting it is that his owner dumped him. If I were in the area I would feed him healthy food as other animal lovers did.

1 Years Ago

I hate people who abandon or kills dogs.


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