Daisy the dog arrived at San Jose Animal Care Center with one of the worst  parasitic infections they’d ever seen. Her skin had been ravaged by a skin-dwelling parasite called demodex, leaving Daisy with huge patches of irritated skin and missing fur. Heartless humans had dumped her on the side of the road, based on her condition that might have been the best thing they ever did for her. Luckily, San Jose Animal Services found her and brought her in for care. From there, vet Dr. Ostermann began documenting this poor dog’s recovery.

Although demodex is not contagious, it wreaks havoc on a dog’s skin. There’s no telling how long poor Daisy had gone untreated, but her skin began to look better within days of her arrival at the clinic.

Not long into Daisy’s treatment. The Perfect Dog animal rescue expressed interest in taking her. Soon, she was on her way to a foster home that later became her forever home.


Four months later and Daisy doesn’t look a thing like the neglected and abandoned dog who was picked up by animal services. 



Without the amazing network between animal services, the veterinary clinic, and The Perfect Dog, there’s no telling where Daisy would be now. With her horrible experience behind her, she can now look forward to every day with her forever family. We hope that they share many more pictures like the one above!

All image source: Tails of a Shelter Vet