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When it comes to shelter adoptions, there are several groups of dogs who are likely to be put at a disadvantage: disabled dogs, Pit Bulls, black dogs, and senior dogs. In each case, the lower adoption rates for these groups are based on widely-held beliefs about them being more difficult, costly, or even dangerous to look after.

In the case of senior dogs, many of the excuses people give for shunning these animals may, in fact, be the very reasons why they make wonderful companions. Although they do not have a large number of years left to give – and do not possess the same level of hyperactive, playful energy as a pup – sometimes the slower, calmer energy that senior dogs bring to a household can be a beautiful gift in and of itself. Chances are, these dogs have previously experienced what it’s like to live in a house, and will already be toilet-trained. They also make awesome cuddle buddies!

And as this photograph demonstrates, they certainly know how to have just as much fun as their younger counterparts.



The sweet image was posted to Imgur by a user called fpaofatl. Judging by the awesome birthday cake in the corner, at least one of the dogs appears to be celebrating their eleventh birthday! Perhaps it could be the sweet yellow Lab to the right, with the wide-open, grinning mouth … not to mention the adorable “happy birthday” tiara on their head! It looks like this pair certainly know how to celebrate in style.

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Image Source: fpaofatl/Imgur