Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. These highly intelligent pack animals possess a sense of loyalty that is unwavering. So when tragedy strikes, killing dogs who live in the street together, it is not uncommon to find their friends nearby, standing vigil.

This was the case last week in Dallas, Texas when a man snapped this heart-wrenching picture of a white Great Pyrenees, standing next to his fallen friend. Unfortunately, this sad scene is not uncommon, especially in the state of Texas, which is overrun with stray dogs. But what happened next can only be attributed to the miracle of social media.


After his buddy was hit by a car, this brave fella dragged his fallen friend out of the road and sat beside him, grieving when Samuel Flores happened by and took this picture.

Following a share on social media, the post was re-shared by animal rescuer Julie Fennell, this time tagging several area rescue groups. Soon, local volunteer Jessy Fairfelick was on the scene, scheduling a pick up for the fallen and offering help to the great white dog. As it turns out, he was a very friendly fellow, most likely a lost or abandoned pet.

Soon, she was able to get him back to Dallas Animal Services, where he scanned negative for a microchip. Still, according to procedure, he had to be held for a few days so that his owners have the opportunity to pick him up.



Living in an animal shelter can be a scary experience, especially in high kill states like Texas, where there is very little time for the animals to find homes. Luckily, this big guy won’t have to worry about any of that, because SPIN, a Great Pyrenees rescue, is already scheduled to pick him up. What a great way to turn a negative into a positive! Through the powers of social media, we are all more powerful than ever before. Glad to hear about good people everywhere using that power to help animals.

Lead image source: Julie Fennell