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This story is really tugging at our heart strings. Lana is an eight-month-old puppy who was rescued from the streets of Brazil. He was part of a litter saved from the streets months ago and was adopted by Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiance. But despite now having all the comforts a dog deserves, it seems like Lana hasn’t forgotten his beginnings….

Lana recently settled in to his warm dog house in the family’s front yard for the night, and Suelen brought out a thicker blanket for Lana to snuggle up with. The next day, as Suelen and her fiance were headed off to work, they came across the sweetest of scenes.

Over the cold night, Lana (on the inside of the fence) must have spotted a lonely homeless dog. Knowing firsthand how cold the homeless pup most have been, Lana kindly offered his blanket through the fence. This photo speaks a thousand words.


Suelen shared the touching photo with the accompanying story on Facebook, she aptly wonders if dogs can be more sympathetic than humans and notes how she was deeply moved by Lana’s act of generosity. Others have also been moved by Lana’s kindness and the post has since gone viral with over 25,000 shares and more than 6,000 comments about how animals can teach us important lessons on kindness. It’s truly amazing how much unconditional love animals have to give.

We are also happy to share that the homeless dog who Lana shared his blanket with has since been rescued! Compassion is contagious and there are dozens of ways to pay it forward. For instance, you could volunteer in your community garden, animal shelter, or food bank. Even giving up a prime parking spot, buying coffee for the person in line behind you, sharing excess garden produce with neighbors, or sending a love note in your child’s lunchbox are all ways to brighten up someone else’s day. Just as Lana proves, no act is too small!

Image source: Suelen Schaumloeffel/Facebook

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0 comments on “This Rescued Pup Shared His Warm Blanket With a Homeless Dog – and We’re Losing It… (PHOTO)”

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11 Months Ago

What a gorgeous dog story. Love the fact that animals have so much to offer. If that dog house is anything like ours it would be toasty. My dog has fully insulated kennel with underfloor insulation as well - she loves it

1 Years Ago

Why would anyone make their dog sleep outside especially on a cold night? And don\'t tell me just how warm the doghouse is would you want to sleep in it?

Kathy Crose
1 Years Ago

Animals have always had innate compassion towards others. The dog who found a lost boy and cuddled to give him warmth, the one who adopted a litter of kittens, the dog who nosed a cancer lump that prompted her to go to the doctors and was diagnosed and saved...there are so many stories of these dogs and cats who are so compassionate. We could learn from them because there are so many factors which show us to be the cruelest of mammals. Abusers, butchers, hunters...I could go on. Also, let us not forget the cruel lab experiments that scientists say are necessary; however, the Cloud from Microsoft has programs that can net results in hours, not weeks. So sad.

Sharon Phillips
1 Years Ago

If people could only be like this. Our governments around the world need to realize that animals are more human than we are at times, and should have the same rights to not be abused and tortured that we have. Our world would be a better place if we enforced that, instead of petty things. Praise God for the people and animals in this story.

1 Years Ago

That\'s what I thought too Carolyn. I\'m a cat person but, I have never understood why people think if you put a dog house in your yard you are a great owner. Your a stupid dumb ass. I have a suggestion, how about you sleep in your dog\'s house on the coldest night of the year and on the hottest day of the year and let me know how it was for you. All of my cats are fixed and not allowed to go outside. I feel if you get an animal you should care for it as much as you would a child. Okay haters let me have it.

1 Years Ago


1 Years Ago

Oddly it doesn\'t look cold.....grass and leaves on trees. Is this a fake story?

17 Jul 2017

There are cold nights even when the leaves are still on the trees and snow hasn\'t happened.

Carolyn Vick
1 Years Ago

Rescued dog is kept outside in the cold? It seems the dog has more heart and compassion than people who took him in. Please learn from your doggie.

1 Years Ago

you rescue a dog just to leave it outside in the cold

1 Years Ago

I have a hard time accepting a couple rescuing a dog from the streets of Brazil to then house him outside in a yard. i know a lot of people out there believe it\'s okay to keep a dog in a yard, but it isn\'t. It wreaks havoc on their social skills, causes emotional and behavioral issues and as pack animals it\'s cruel to keep them isolated like that....Sorry to sound harsh but those are my thoughts.


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