This story is really tugging at our heartstrings. Lana is an eight-month-old puppy who was rescued from the streets of Brazil. He was part of a litter saved from the streets months ago and was adopted by Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiance. But despite now having all the comforts a dog deserves, it seems like Lana hasn’t forgotten his beginnings….

Lana recently settled into his warm dog house in the family’s front yard for the night, and Suelen brought out a thicker blanket for Lana to snuggle up with. The next day, as Suelen and her fiance were headed off to work, they came across the sweetest of scenes.

Over the cold night, Lana (on the inside of the fence) must have spotted a lonely homeless dog. Knowing firsthand how cold the homeless pup most have been, Lana kindly offered his blanket through the fence. This photo speaks a thousand words.

Source: Stories of Animals/Youtube

Suelen shared the touching photo with the accompanying story on Facebook, she aptly wonders if dogs can be more sympathetic than humans and notes how she was deeply moved by Lana’s act of generosity. Others have also been moved by Lana’s kindness and the post has since gone viral with over 25,000 shares and more than 6,000 comments about how animals can teach us important lessons on kindness. It’s truly amazing how much unconditional love animals have to give.

We are also happy to share that the homeless dog who Lana shared his blanket with has since been rescued! Compassion is contagious and there are dozens of ways to pay it forward. For instance, you could volunteer in your community garden, animal shelter, or food bank. Even giving up a prime parking spot, buying coffee for the person in line behind you, sharing excess garden produce with neighbors, or sending a love note in your child’s lunchbox are all ways to brighten up someone else’s day. Just as Lana proves, no act is too small!

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